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About Bird Road Veggies

Hello everyone and welcome to Bird Road Veggies. Chelsea here, the face and Gardener behind the scenes. At BRV we strive to provide our friends, neighbours, and community with freshly harvested, locally produced and sourced items.


In 2019 we began our journey. We bought our 4 acre property in the Oak Hills on Bird Road with the focus of self-sustainability. Our passion of nature, animals, and gardening lead us to where we are today. We started out with a few chickens and now we are proud to raise our own heritage breeds. We offer baby chicks in the spring/summer as well as fresh free range eggs year round. Our gardens are filled with 25+ popular and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables grown throughout our 11 raised beds and 25' x 50' market garden. We are open to new possibilities and never ending learning opportunities. We have been fortunate enough to pair with other local businesses to offer an abundance of variety and we hope to continue our growth to provide you for the future.

We look forward to your support and can't wait to flourish along with you! 

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